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Map showing the location of Welborne

Introduction by Councillor Seán Woodward,
Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council:

Welborne epitomises the Government's ambitions to get Britain building and help more people realise their dream of owning their own home.

Fareham Borough Council, like the Government, has embarked on an ambitious and transformational homebuilding programme over the next 25 years and Welborne is key to this.

The Council has attentively engaged with local communities, particularly in the progression of the Welborne Plan, ensuring that the real and essential benefits that people expect are hardwired into the new community from the very start. Not only does the proposed new development meet our residents' long-term local housing needs, it will also create a new community with its own unique sense of identity which is designed to the highest possible standards.

The adopted policy and guidance we're using embodies both Garden Village principles and local aspirations.

Buoyed by its recent success at the Solent Enterprise Zone at Daedalus, the Council is also confident that fantastic employment opportunities can be realised at Welborne leading to the creation of around 6,000 new jobs. Improved motorway access with better bus routes and services will be an important factor and we are grateful, both to the Department for Transport and the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership, who have safeguarded funding for vital infrastructure. This is key if houses are to be built quickly and for the local economy to grow swiftly. I have given a commitment over many years that we will not lay a single brick of Welborne until we have identified exactly what infrastructure is needed, where it's going and most importantly how it's going to be funded.

The Council is so committed to delivering new homes and jobs on the ground that, in February 2016, it developed an ambitious and innovative 'delivery strategy', specifically designed to maximise and accelerate the certainty of early and long-term housing and infrastructure delivery.

We look forward to working with the Government to take action on a number of fronts to ensure homes get built – and to the very highest standard and with the best quality infrastructure.

Importantly, this development has secured the backing of many in the local community and is fully endorsed in planning policy through the adopted Welborne Plan. It has also been strongly supported by the site promoters.

The Council has already started to proactively kick-start the delivery of regeneration sites across the Borough, including working with other public bodies under central government's 'One Public Estate Programme' to speed up the planning process and maximise the use of identified brownfield land for housing. We are also working hard within the Government's Starter Homes programme to deliver homes for young first time buyers with a minimum discount of 20% of market value.

Fareham Borough Council wholeheartedly supports Welborne - a new self-sustaining, great and beautiful place for our local community which delivers on our aspirations for good quality homes for local people.