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Welborne Garden Village

Inspired by the Government's new Garden Village framework, Welborne will be an holistically planned new community with its own unique sense of identity, built to a high quality design, using cutting edge technology.

Taking inspiration from and enhancing its natural rural setting, there will be four distinct character areas: woodland, meadows, downland and parkland.

Open space and outdoor living are all vital components of a masterplan that has been carefully designed to create and support a healthy and happy community well equipped to enjoy the very best of 21st century living with space to live, work and play.

Live - New homes

The Council has ambitions to help build more new housing and help more people realise their dream of owning their own home through a variety of new homes and associated initiatives.

Over the next 20-25 years Welborne will deliver around 6,000 new homes and provide housing to meet the needs of more than 13,000 people, helping to address the under-supply of family homes.

Benefits include:

Meeting day-to-day needs

Welborne Garden Village will benefit from a new village centre with a variety of local amenities including new schools, health facilities, shops, community and commercial business space.

The new village centre will be connected by a network of pleasant paths and cycle routes.

Work - Building for Business

Working closer to home is a priority for many and new development will bring many new job opportunities both throughout construction and on site with provision of business space a key benefit.

Delivering jobs for existing and future residents is a key priority and Welborne Garden Village will create around 5,735 new jobs in easily accessible locations for local residents.

Play - Enjoying the great outdoors

A true Garden Village with a large central park at its heart, Welborne will provide around 270 acres (108 hectares) of natural green space, play areas, allotments and sports facilities for residents to explore and enjoy.

Led by a desire to complement and enhance the existing landscape and encourage a healthier lifestyle, green paths and walkways together with integrated and accessible transport systems will be designed in so that walking, cycling and public transport are an easy option.

A key priority will be to ensure that ongoing management and maintenance of the community assets, through long-term stewardship, is established.