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Existing and proposed infrastructure

Welborne is well positioned, not just in terms of ready and easy access to Fareham Town Centre but also within the wider Solent and South-East region.

The site is located immediately to the north of the M27 and encompasses Junction 10. The M27 has good links with Portsmouth and Southampton and is well connected to the A3(M) to the east and the M3 to the west, both of which provide direct links to London. Southampton Airport is also conveniently located close to the M27.

Motorway improvements

Currently Junction 10 of the M27 has restricted access, only allowing movement to and from the east. This means motorists travelling west off the motorway can only access local roads (i.e. travelling north along the A32 which runs through the site towards Wickham). Entrance onto the motorway travelling south along the A32 vehicles heads east towards Portsmouth.

As part of the improvements required for the new village, the junction will be upgraded to an 'all-moves' junction. This will unlock better access not just for the new community at Welborne, but also for all residents of the Borough, significantly reducing the number of trips between Junctions 10 and 11, as motorists will no longer need to travel to Junction 11 in order to travel west on the M27, helping alleviate congestion along the M27 during peak times.

Public transport: Bus Rapid Transit

Residents of Welborne will be able to meet their day-to-day needs through the village and local centres. Needs will also be supported by the wider facilities available locally, in particular in Fareham Town Centre.

Easy access to the town centre and Fareham Railway Station will be provided through an extension of the existing Eclipse Bus Rapid Transit service. This benefit will be provided during the early phases of development.

Public Transport: Railway

Fareham Borough Council commissioned a feasibility study in 2017 to determine whether a railway station is viable for Welborne. The report can be viewed on the Council’s website.